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Whether you are interested in planning for your estate or have questions regarding the matter, we want to help get you started in the right direction! With Mary E. Mullin, Attorney at Law putting over two decades of experience to work for you, you can feel rest assured in knowing that you are in good hands. By utilizing our expertise in the legal world of estate planning, our goal is to make the legal terms more understandable to you and less complicated.

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Estate planning is the process of getting your affairs and assets in order. By doing this, you can prepare for any of life's uncertainties while also protecting the lives of your loved ones. The sooner you go through the process of planning for your estate, the sooner you can feel at ease in knowing that things are taken care of. With our free initial case evaluations, you can get started with our Whittier estate planning attorney today!

From planning your estate to going through the probate process, our extensive areas of expertise can assist you through any situation that comes your way. Our vast knowledge includes advance health care directive, conservatorships, guardianships, last will & testaments, living trusts and powers of attorney. We're here to provide you with information about these important documents, as well as guide you through the process of creation.

When it comes to trust administration and managing the assets, we are here for you. Regardless of whether you're the grantor creating the trust or the appointed trustee in charge of managing it, there is a lot of responsibility involved. The same holds true for those facing probate. From dealing with the court to managing paperwork, it's not an easy process to undertake. At Mary E. Mullin, Attorney at Law, we understand that these times can be overwhelming; we believe there's no need to go through them alone.

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Helping Real People with Real Issues in Los Angeles County

Attorney Mullin, our Los Angeles County estate planning attorney, prides herself on her one-on-one involvement with her clients. With her experience in education, she is able to simplify the processes involved; she is also available to answer any of your questions or discuss any concerns. By living close to where she works, she is able to offer more than just results-she can offer exceptional, personalized service. She helps real people with real issues and is a familiar face throughout Whittier. If you are interested in meeting with her individually, she can go into further detail about estate planning and provide you with helpful information.

When our firm takes on a new client, we handle their case from beginning to end-doing everything we can to make it a short process. With probate cases, we strive to get them done within the year , which is sticking to all of the deadlines. We understand the importance of our clients' time and work quickly through their cases without making it an extensive process;we aim to turn around documents for estate planning within 10-14 days and have probate filed within 10 days. Because our firm is small, we are able to simplify cases-moving quickly to the benefit of our clients so that no time is wasted in reaching a conclusion.

Our firm is also willing to seek extra help whenever our clients need it. For example, if litigation comes up within a trust administration case that we handle, we will bring in litigation counsel. If something is outside of our comfort zone, we are not afraid to hire it out to ensure that our clients receive the best. That is because our firm strongly believes in providing outstanding service to our clients. By respecting their individual needs and requests, we are then able to reflect these within their estate plans. From answering general questions, to estate planning, to guiding you through the probate process, we want to take our knowledge in the legal field to best represent you. There is no better time to start preparing for your future than today.

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Probate: Making Sense of the Process

Every day, I answer calls from people like you, people who have questions, people who are uncertain about what direction they should go, people who are walking the tightrope of grief and moving on.

I don’t have the solution to grief or even the answer to every issue you may be facing, but I do know something about Probate, having practiced in this and related areas of the law for over twenty-one years. If you will allow me, I will walk with you through some of the common issues and problems that arise. You may see your situation in some of the hypothetical scenarios I will discuss.

Learn more about the Probate process in our book, Probate: Making Sense of the Process!

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