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When an individual becomes incapacitated or disabled to the point where they cannot manage their own affairs, the court appoints a conservator to step in. This arrangement is called a conservatorship and the incapacitated individual in this situation becomes known as the ward. The conservator is held responsible for the person, their finances or both. At Mary E. Mullin, Attorney at Law, we take these legal matters very seriously. A Los Angeles estate planning lawyer from our firm can assist you with your conservatorship needs and provide you with the knowledge needed to effectively handle these matters.

Explanation of a Conservatorship in California

In the event that a loved one becomes incapacitated and can no longer live safely on their own, a conservatorship becomes necessary. A court process in California is then held to determine who will be appointed as the conservator. Typically, the partner or close loved one of the wards is appointed. The main concern of the court is that the conservator is a trusted individual and will continue to have the best interests of the ward in mind. At times, public guardians are appointed to assist those who are disabled and have a low source of income. If you wish to learn more about this process, an experienced estate planning lawyer in Whittier can provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to do so.

The Responsibilities of a Conservator in Whittier, CA

The conservator held responsible for taking care of the ward has certain duties to fulfill. They are there to assist the ward with things such as housekeeping, scheduling their appointments, and transportation. A conservator is also accountable for providing the ward with meals, shelter, and personal care. Their health and overall well-being are placed in the hands of the conservator as well. To ensure that your loved one is placed in proper hands, it is important to speak with an experienced probate attorney. We can help to make sure that the conservator is someone that will not take advantage of their power. Especially for a conservator of the estate, in which they are to protect the assets of the ward as well as pay their bills and keep their finances in order.

Speak with a Whittier estate planning attorney about your conservatorship issues!

When an individual becomes incapacitated, it becomes vital that someone steps in as soon as possible. If you are interested in protecting the well-being of an incapacitated or disabled loved one, a Whittier conservatorship lawyer can provide you with the representation that you have been searching for. We can assist you through the conservatorship process and help you learn more about what the court procedure entails. We can also assist individuals who have recently been appointed as a conservator.

No matter what the case, contact a Whittier probate lawyer at Mary E. Mullin, Attorney at Law to get started with the process today!

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