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Advance Health Care Directive

What is an Advance Health Care Directive?

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An advance health care directive is a precautionary document that is created in the event that you become unable to make your own healthcare decisions. This occurs when you become ill or incapacitated and can no longer make these decisions for yourself. Although this situation is never an easy one to think about, it is always better to play it safe. To get started, you would need to fill out the advance health care directive form. This is a written set of instructions that include your specific requests in terms of your health care. A Whittier estate planning attorney would be able to help get you started.

The form includes various parts in which you are allowed to be as specific as possible. Part one includes the option of creating a power of attorney. To put it simply, a power of attorney document would allow you to appoint a trusted individual (known as your agent) to make your health care decisions for you. Within part two, you are allowed to describe your exact healthcare wishes; ranging from whether or not you want the physician keeping you alive to the continuation of treatment. If you have assigned someone as your agent and trust their opinion on the matter, you can leave part two blank.

Part three includes your specific requests of whether or not you want to donate your organs and tissues after your time of death. Under part four, you are able to specify the physician you want in taking responsibility for your health. You are allowed to fill out as much of the advance health care directive as possible; this includes skipping the sections that you are not interested in filling out. Once this form is completed, it must be signed in front of two witnesses. Without these witnesses present, a notary public must be present.

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At Mary E. Mullin, Attorney at Law, we would be happy to help get you started in the process. By learning more about an advance health care directive, you are able to take control of your future and face anything that may come your way. There is no need to let some unwanted stranger deciding your fate for you. By filling out a form, you can specify your exact wishes and know that you will be in good hands. At any time you become incapacitated, your loved ones will be able to understand what your exact preferences are.

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