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Looking for a qualified estate planning attorney in Los Angeles County?

Learn through the words of her clients what makes Mary E. Mullin, Attorney at Law the right attorney for you.

"I just want to say how much I trust Mary with my estate trust planning legal needs. She really takes her time with me and goes through different scenarios so that I can make the best possible decisions on my estate. Her staff is so kind and professional. I even had Mary do a seminar for my clients on trusts versus wills, and my clients really liked the information that was given. This is not an easy task to do. In fact, it can be hard to decide who to make your executor, who to make your health care provider, etc., but you need to find someone who only specializes in trusts, because when the time comes, you want to make sure your assets goes to the right people."

-Ginny Okada, Business Owner - Whittier, CA

My name is Rich and my son David has been diagnosed with Autism and mild mental retardation. Dave is currently 17 years old, very mobile and wants to be social, but he has extremely limited verbal skills. He cannot read or write and he needs assistance with is personal needs and supervision 24/7. He is a good kid and a happy kid but he will clearly never be able to support himself or make informed decision for himself or even clearly communicate his wants and needs to strangers without assistance.

My wife and I started looking into conservatorship in 2013. This was a scary time for us and I felt like I was going into it blindly.

I started by first listened to a couple of experts about the pros and cons of conservatorship vs power of attorney over Dave and came to the conclusion that in our case, conservatorship was the best way to go. I then looked into filing the paperwork myself and quickly realized it would be in our best interest to hire an attorney. I then reached out to a couple of Autism organizations in the hopes that one of them could recommend an attorney for me. While several individuals said they could, no one ever actually got back to me with an attorney's name and phone number.

In early July 2013 I started my own search and after just a couple of phone calls I found Mary E. Mullin.

My initial reasoning for deciding to meet with her was her proximity to my house but after our first meeting it was clear to me that she had the experience (over 20 years), knowledge and compassion to handle our case. Ms. Mullin devoted her full attention to our situation, answered all of our questions and gave us the impression that she would spend as much time with us and on our case as necessary to make us feel comfortable with the out-come.

I retained her and she provided us with a very clear contract. She also gave us a couple of forms to fill out that were mostly check boxes. We had a couple of questions and she was able to answer them in simple terms for us.

Mrs. Mullin also gave us a questionnaire that we provided to Dave's primary care doctor. His doctor filled it out by hand and we returned it to Ms Mullin's office. She had it typed and the doctor signed the typed version.

I then provided Ms. Mullin with a copy of Dave's latest IEP.

At that point we were basically done. We had spent about 90 minutes in her office talking to her and filling out a couple of forms, we provided her with the above mentioned documents and then went about our lives.

About two weeks later Ms. Mullin notified us that we had a court date scheduled for early September 2013 which was much quicker that any of us had anticipated.

Prior to the court hearing, we received copies from Mrs. Mullin of all documents that had been presented to the court including the court-appointed attorney's recommendation that conservatorship of Dave be granted to the three of us.

On the day of our hearing we met at the court on Hill Street in downtown Los Angeles. As I write this, all conservatorship hearings within Los Angeles County are held downtown so be prepared to spend part of a day there. Once our case was called, we all approached the bench and said good morning to the judge. Mrs. Mullin and the attorney for David spoke with the judge for all of three minutes and the judge granted us conservatorship. While our hearing date was in September of 2013, the judge post-dated the effective date of the conservatorship to Dave's 18 th birthday in January of 2014. This ensured there would be no interruption of services to Dave and just like that we were done.

It was just that easy. Literally, 90 minutes in her office, signed a few forms and provided a few documents and then three to five minutes in front of the judge. The judge had asked for a "Care Plan" and Mrs. Mullin took care of that for us and once all the paperwork was done, she provided us with copies of the court order. This was a huge "problem" hanging over our heads. I could never seem to get a straight answer from anyone as to what exactly was involved and how much trouble it would be. In the end, once we retained Mrs. Mullin, the "problem" of conservatorship was solved for us and all of our stress and worries vanished.

We are confident we did the right thing for our son and would strongly recommend and encourage any other families in a similar situation to contact Ms. Mullin.

My name is Teresa Lozano, and I am a mother of three grown sons living in Los Angeles County. Mary Mullin has been my family's estate planning attorney for four years. Throughout that time, she has given me and my family great advice in planning our future.

I first met Ms. Mullin as my professor at Cerritos College where she taught Legal Research . When I was faced with a divorce, Ms. Mullin gave me valuable help and counsel. Her planning expertise assisted me in the decisions I needed to make. Now, thanks to her, I have gained peace of mind for the future.

I continue to be pleased by Ms. Mullin's professional work habits, legal knowledge, and dedication. She was very understanding throughout the process. Not only did she spend a lot of time gathering all of the information required for my estate plan, but she consistently inquired about any lingering fears or desires I had in regards to my future. As is her nature, she would then effectively provide me with various options to address my concerns.

I am thoroughly grateful that through her compassion, knowledge, and dedication, Ms. Mullin was able to assist me fully with my estate planning. I respect and honor her as a woman, teacher, attorney and most of all for being the great human being that she is.

- Teresa Lozano, Los Angeles County

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