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Free Download of my Probate ebook

Losing a loved one can be difficult enough without having to worry about facing a confusing legal process. As an attorney with extensive experience in Probates, Trusts, Estate Planning and related ...
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Beware of Non-Lawyers

In California, lawyers are the only members of society who are approved to give legal advice. Thus, questions regarding estate planning can only be answered legally by an attorney. This includes ...
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What is Probate?

Probate is the procedure by which assets (personal property and real property) owned by a dead person are transferred to the appropriate living people by means of Order by the Court. During the ...
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Understanding a California Conservatorship

With America's elderly population living longer than ever before thanks to advances in science and modern medicine, elderly adults are facing issues that they rarely faced in the past because they ...
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Probate Avoidance Techniques

We can't ignore the fact that it can be extremely difficult to mourn the loss of a loved one. One factor that only increases the emotional toll is that those left behind will have to figure out ...
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California Special Needs Trusts

There are many parents out there who have children with disabilities such as Autism, Down syndrome, blindness and other medical conditions that make it a necessity for these children to receive ...
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Benefits of Probate

For a lot of individuals, they won't have much familiarity with the term "probate" until someone they care about has passed away and they are named in the will or otherwise a beneficiary ...
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Check Out Our Estate Planning Blog!

Our Whittier estate planning firm understands the difficulties that come along with estate planning. Whether it be creating a last will & testament or deciding the guardian for your minor ...
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